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Notice to Customer

(Remittance service)

Customer Due Diligence (CDD) is a requirement under the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001 (AMLA) and Money Services Business Act 2011 (MSBA). CDD shall be conducted on customer conducting any remittance transaction. Please produce your identification document before making any transaction.

Notis kepada Pelanggan

(Perkhidmatan pengiriman wang)

Pelaksanaan Usaha Wajar Pelanggan (Customer Due Diligence / CDD) adalah satu keperluan di bawah Akta Pencegahan Pengubahan Wang Haram, Pencegahan Pembiayaan Keganasan dan Hasil daripada Aktiviti Haram 2001 (AMLA) dan Akta Perniagaan Perkhidmatan Wang 2011 (MSBA). Usaha Wajar Pelanggan akan dilaksanakan terhadap pelanggan yang melakukan transaksi pengiriman wang. Sila sediakan dokumen pengenalan anda sebelum menjalankan sebarang transaksi.



    1. "FPX“ refers to Financial Processing Exchange, a Malaysian online payment gateway by PayNet.
    2. Loss” includes loss, damage, claim, costs, subscription fees, charges, damages and/or expenses of whatsoever nature without limitation arising from contract, tort, equity or any other principles of law or legal theory (including any loss of profits, lost savings, loss of data, loss of opportunity, loss of goodwill , special, incidental, punitive or exemplary losses and consequential damages) and howsoever arising whether direct, indirect, joint, several, actual, contingent or otherwise (including legal fees on a full indemnity basis), and includes without limitation claims made by third parties and claims for defamation , infringement of intellectual property rights, death, bodily injury, wrongful use of computers and unauthorised or illegal access to computers (including but not limited to hacking), property damage or pecuniary losses howsoever arising
    3. Non-resident” refers collectively to citizens and residents of countries other than Malaysia.
    4. "Recipient" means the person identified as the beneficiary who ultimately receives the payment in accordance to the Sender instruction through the System.
    5. Recipient Country” means the country of the Recipient where the crediting of the Recipient's account is to be made.
    6. Recipient’s Details” including but not limited to the following details:-
      1. If is a Private Individual
        Full name, nationality, address, bank’s details, and/or any other information or documents as required by SUNWAY from time to time.
      2. If is a Business Entity
        Organisation name, country of incorporation, business address, bank’s details and/or any other information or documents as required by SUNWAY from time to time.
    7. Rate Quotation” means a quotation of Foreign Exchange rate where the conversion rate of each payout currencies are displayed and is subject to change from time to time according to the prevailing market condition.
    8. Sender” means the person initiating the carrying out of a Transaction whose application for Services has been accepted and registered with SUNWAY.
    9. Sender’s Account” refers to the facility provided to the Sender upon registration for uniquely identifying the Sender of the Services and for accessing the Services.
    10. Sender’s Details” including but not limited to the Sender’s full name, national registration identity card number / passport number, date of birth, gender, mobile number, email address, mailing address and/or any other information or documents as required by SUNWAY from time to time.
    11. Service” refers to the international money remittance service involving online money transfer services offered by SUNWAY to facilitate Sender's money transfer to be paid in the currency of the Recipient's Country.
    12. Service Charge” means fee(s) imposed by SUNWAY on the Sender for each remittance instruction made (including but not limited to any service fee and/or surcharge) and is subject to change at SUNWAY discretion.
    13. System” means SUNWAY's proprietary international money remittance system accessible by the Sender via the Site for the purposes of carrying out the Transaction.
    14. Transaction” means online remittance transaction carried out by the Sender through the System.
    1. Sender must be at least eighteen (18) years old, able to form legally binding contracts, and not be disqualified under any Malaysian law and regulation to enter into a legally binding agreement.
    2. A Non-Resident Sender agrees that they are aware of all laws and regulations of Malaysia when using the Services.
    3. The Sender must meet all customer due diligence requirements imposed by SUNWAY.
    4. The Sender agrees that they be solely and absolutely liable for any liabilities arising from using the Services and undertakes to indemnify SUNWAY against any Loss incurred by SUNWAY pursuant thereto.
    1. Every Transaction by the Sender shall attract Service Charge. The applicable Service Charge and foreign exchange rate are based on the latest Rate Quotation provided by SUNWAY. The latest Rate Quotation may be found on the Site.
    2. The Sender agrees that SUNWAY has the absolute and sole discretion in the determination of the Service Charge and applicable foreign exchange rate from time to time.
    3. In the event the applicable foreign exchange rate employed or quoted by SUNWAY for any Transaction has been determined to be incorrect by SUNWAY in its sole discretion, SUNWAY is entitled, but not obliged:
      1. to void and cancel the said Transaction; and
      2. refund the monies paid by the Sender to SUNWAY (“Said Monies”) which is in the possession of SUNWAY,
      subject that the Sender shall do all that is necessary to cooperate with SUNWAY in order to complete the above. In such event where the Said Monies has been transferred to the Recipient, SUNWAY is entitled, but not obliged, to effect the reversal of such Transaction subject always that the Sender shall assist in completing such reversal, including but not limited to procuring the Recipient to execute a written consent to the Recipient bank for such reversal. SUNWAY shall not be liable to compensate the Sender and/or the Recipient for any Loss incurred or likely to be incurred by them.
    1. Sender agrees to pay Service Charge for each Transaction initiated or requested.
    2. Sender warrants that all particulars, information and/or documents provided by the Sender to SUNWAY (including but not limited to the information and/or documents relating to the Sender’s Details, the Transaction, the Recipient’s Details and the Recipient Country) (“the Supplied Information”) at any time and/or from time to time are true, accurate, current, complete and not misleading. The Sender undertakes to forthwith notify SUNWAY of any changes or amendments to any part of the Supplied Information by providing the updated information and/or documents (“the Updated Information and/or Documents”), in writing, the receipt of which must be acknowledged in writing by the Sender. The Sender agrees that, in the event of any inconsistency between the Supplied Information and the Updated Information and/or Documents provided to SUNWAY, the latter shall prevail. The Sender hereby irrevocably grants consent to SUNWAY to revise and amend any part of the Supplied Information at any time and/or from time to time, to be consistent with the Updated Information and/or Documents without any prior notice to the Sender and hereby acknowledges and agrees that such revision and amendment made by SUNWAY shall be deemed to have been personally made by the Sender. The Sender further irrevocably grants consent to SUNWAY to revise and amend, as SUNWAY determines in its absolute discretion, any part of the Supplied Information at any time and/or from time to time, based on the Sender’s confirmation or any relevant supporting documents in relation to the Transaction required by SUNWAY or publicly available information (including the information obtained from the internet search, the Sender’s website, the Recipient’s website or the relevant governing bodies’ portal that are available for public access) obtained by SUNWAY without any prior notice to the Sender and hereby acknowledges and agrees that such revision and amendment made by SUNWAY shall be final and conclusive.
    3. Sender is acting as a principal and not on behalf of any third party or any other person. Sender shall not use the Service for any illegal purpose, in violation of these terms and conditions or any applicable laws, regulations or requirements, including but not limited to those relating to Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001, Money Services Business Act 2011, Personal Data Protection Act 2010, Financial Services Act 2013 and Foreign Exchange Policy Notices,  and all necessary approvals, if required, have been obtained from the relevant authorities including Bank Negara Malaysia before carrying out any Transaction.
    4. Sender undertakes to indemnify SUNWAY, its employees, directors, officers, representatives, affiliates, subsidiaries and agents for any Loss caused to SUNWAY arising from the Sender providing untrue, inaccurate, out-of-date, incomplete or misleading information or particulars.
    5. Sender is responsible for protecting all username and password of the Sender’s Account and prevent unauthorised use of Sender’s Account, and that the Sender is fully and absolutely liable and hold SUNWAY harmless for all Transactions and activities happening within and relating to the Sender’s Account.
    6. Sender shall properly log out of the System and Sender's Account after use of the Service. Sender acknowledges and agrees that failure to log out from the System and Sender’s Account may cause unauthorised access by any third party and to the extent as permitted by law, the Sender shall not hold SUNWAY or any of its officers, employees or agents responsible or liable for any such access or for any damages, losses, expenses or costs (whether direct or indirect, or whether foreseeable or not) suffered or incurred by the Sender as result of such unauthorised access.
    7. Sender acknowledges and agrees as follows:
      1. the Sender shall ensure that sufficient funds are paid to SUNWAY in advance for the amount requested for the Transaction, failing which, SUNWAY shall be under no obligation to act on the Sender’s payout instruction;
      2. funds paid to SUNWAY shall not accumulate any interest whatsoever;
      3. that SUNWAY may restrict, decline or refuse Sender's request for carrying out the Transaction at any time at SUNWAY's sole discretion without assigning any reasons;
      4. that the Transaction may take up to three (3) business days or longer period to reach the Recipient;
      5. although the Site and the Services may be accessible outside Malaysia, SUNWAY accepts no liabilities arising from non-compliance with any law of any country outside Malaysia;
      6. access to the Site and Services are subject to the availability of the IT and network systems of SUNWAY, and/or FPX services/fund transfer services by the Sender’s paying bank or e-wallet, and/or any third party service provider relating to or in connection with the Services. SUNWAY does not guarantee nor warrant the full availability of SUNWAY IT and network systems at all times;
      7. the Site and Services are accessible and available to customers in Malaysia only for Transactions from Malaysia to other countries. The Sender shall deliver physical submissions of their supporting documents as may be required by SUNWAY (including without limitation identification documents) to the designated offices of SUNWAY prior to using the Services;
      8. the Sender shall ensure that the source and purpose of the remittance funds be provided in the relevant fields provided in the System;
      9. that SUNWAY may rely on the registration information and the remittance payout information provided by the Sender to SUNWAY, and that any error or inaccuracy provided by the Sender shall be at the Sender’s own risk and the Sender indemnifies and hold SUNWAY harmless from all Loss arising from such error or inaccuracy;
      10. that the Sender shall be responsible to ensure its payment of any funds to SUNWAY is from the Sender’s own bank account and/or the Sender’s own e-wallet account, is fully authorised and complete and SUNWAY shall not be responsible for any failure of such payment due to any act or omission on Sender’s or third party’s part.
      11. that SUNWAY may request from the Sender any information or document relating to any Transaction made by the Sender at any time within seven (7) years of the Transaction and that the Sender is obliged to retain all information for his/her Transactions during that period;
      12. that the remittance payout delivery duration shall be as stipulated in the System and it is on a best effort basis without liability to SUNWAY and its service providers;
      13. that regardless if the Sender has cancelled a Transaction or the Transaction has failed due to reasons attributable to the Sender, the Sender shall still be liable for the Service Charge, a one-time administrative charge of Ringgit Malaysia Hundred (RM100.00) only and other Losses as may be incurred by SUNWAY as a result thereof. SUNWAY is under no obligation to refund the Transaction amount, and may only do so less the abovementioned charges in the event the Recipient or its bank refunds the same;
      14. the Sender must maintain banking facilities account with bank(s) in Malaysia to use this Service; that all charges imposed by the banks if any shall be borne by Sender; and that the Sender shall adhere to all terms and conditions between themselves and the bank(s), as applicable, without any liability to SUNWAY;
      15. SUNWAY reserves all rights to impose any limitation to the Transactions whether in amount, frequency or otherwise in accordance to the laws of Malaysia;
      16. the Service is subject to Bank Negara Malaysia's Cautionary Statement whereby BNM does not guarantee the remittance of the funds by SUNWAY and the Sender bears all risk of Loss suffered from the Transaction;
      17. to expressly authorize SUNWAY to record, electronically or by any other means, all information or data in relation to operations or consultations performed in relation to the Transaction, and to use the same as evidence in any proceedings.
    1. When creating the Sender’s Account, the Sender shall be asked to provide a password and a valid email address which shall be used as the username. The password and the username must not be used by or disclosed to any other person than the Sender. It is the Sender’s responsibility to keep their password and their username safe as well as all Transactions carried out using the same. THE SENDER SHALL NOT SHARE THE PASSWORD WITH ANYBODY OR WRITE IT DOWN. The Sender shall notify SUNWAY immediately of any unauthorised use of their password and username or of any other breach of security. SUNWAY will take necessary action on the said unauthorised use but disclaim all liabilities for any Loss resulting from such unauthorised use.
    1. Sender SHALL NOT:
      1. use the Service in any way which will deprive other Senders of their legitimate right to use the Service;
      2. use the Site for unlawful purposes in any jurisdiction or in breach of these Terms;
      3. use the Services for any unlawful or illegal activity or in breach of any laws including without limitation the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001 and such subsequent amendments thereto;
      4. allow access, re-sell or re-provide the Services to any other person;
      5. modify, copy, distribute, reproduce, transmit, display, perform, publish, upload, post, license, create derivative works from, transfer or sell any information, designs, logos, trademarks, software or services obtained from the Site;
      6. post or transmit any unlawful, fraudulent, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, profane, threatening, abusive, hateful, offensive, or otherwise objectionable information or statement of any kind without limitation, any information or statement constituting or encouraging conduct that would tantamount to criminal offence, give rise to civil liability and/or violates any laws;
      7. post or transmit any messages that amount to advertising material, touting or sale of, or offer to sell, any product or service;
      8. transmit or disseminate advertising material, chain letters, spam, junk mail or other type of unsolicited messages;
      9. post or transmit or disseminate viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other harmful, disruptive or destructive files;
      10. post, publish, transmit, reproduce, distribute, or in any way exploit any information, software or other material obtained from or through the Site for commercial purposes;
      11. attempt to decompile or reverse engineer any software available in the Site; and
      12. attempt to hack into the Site or otherwise attempt to subvert any firewall or other security measure of the Site.
    1. Sender shall be entitled to a full refund of the remittance amount for the relevant Transaction (excluding the Service Charge or any cost and expense of whatsoever nature) in the event of any Loss that may be attributed to SUNWAY's sole wilful act or omission SUBJECT THAT such Loss is not attributable to or partly attributable to the Sender or any third party.
    2. SUNWAY, its employees, directors, shareholders, officers, representatives, affiliates, subsidiaries and agents shall not be liable for any Loss incurred by the Sender or any third party save except for the events as set out in Clause 7.1 above.
    3. SUNWAY's liability subject to Clause 7.1 shall not exceed the greater of the full remittance amount or Ringgit Malaysia One Hundred (RM100.00) only.
    1. SUNWAY is not responsible or liable to the Sender or any third party for:
      1. any (a) any goods or services paid for by the Sender by using the Service;
      2. any goods or services provided by any third party;
      3. any viruses, worms, Trojan horses, unauthorised use or interception, or other harmful, disruptive or destructive files created by any third party;
      4. any links to any third party websites on the Site;
      5. any malfunction in communication facilities which is not under SUNWAY's direct control and may affect the accuracy or timeliness of any message or Transaction;
      6. any losses or delays in transmission of messages arising out of the use of any Internet access service provider or caused by any browser or other software whether or not under SUNWAY control, or any delay in the completion of the Transaction; and
      7. any error on the Site or Service caused by incomplete or incorrect information provided by the Sender or a third party.
    2. SUNWAY does not enter into any contractual relationship with the Recipient and has no right under any agreement between SUNWAY and the Sender. Nothing in these Terms confers or shall purport to confer on any third party any benefit or any right to enforce any term herein.
    3. SUNWAY may refuse to provide or terminate the Service generally or to any Sender without prior notice, if SUNWAY has any reason to believe that doing so may be in breach of any laws, requirements, orders of a court or any body or agency having jurisdiction over SUNWAY (including Bank Negara Malaysia) or policies of SUNWAY, including that of any policy to prevent fraud, forgery, money laundering or terrorism financing, or if SUNWAY consider such action required to protect SUNWAY's interest, or if SUNWAY considers such action appropriate in its absolute discretion. SUNWAY is not obligated to provide the Sender any reason when denying the Service.
    4. SUNWAY may suspend the operation of the Site or Service in whole or in part if SUNWAY, in its absolute discretion, considers appropriate.
    5. SUNWAY reserves all rights to change the Service and the Site without notice at any time at SUNWAY's sole discretion.
    6. SUNWAY may assign, delegate, subcontract or transfer the Service or any of its rights and obligations in whole or in part to any third party at its sole discretion.
    7. SUNWAY may change these terms and conditions at any time at its sole discretion without prior notice to the Sender, and the Sender is deemed to have accepted such change in these terms and conditions.
    8. SUNWAY does not guarantee storage of any data by the Sender in the System and excludes all liability for loss of data.
    9. The Site is drawn up in English and other languages. In the event of conflict and/or inconsistency between any other version(s) and the English version, the English version shall prevail.
    1. Sender shall indemnify SUNWAY, its directors, officers, its suppliers, their employees, subsidiaries, related corporation, associates, distributors and affiliates against any and all Loss suffered by SUNWAY and its directors, officers, its suppliers, their employees, subsidiaries, related corporation, associates, distributors and affiliates to any person as a result of any breach of these Terms.
    1. SUNWAY, its directors, officers, its suppliers, their employees, subsidiaries, related corporation, associates, distributors and affiliates shall not be responsible to the Sender for any delay in performance or non-performance or any Loss due to causes beyond the control of SUNWAY (including but not limited to Acts of God, devaluation of major currencies, Governmental mandates or Laws).
    1. These Terms are governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of Malaysia.
    2. These Terms between SUNWAY and the Sender shall be deemed to have been made and executed at SUNWAY office in Selangor and any breach of the terms and conditions stated herein shall be deemed to have arisen in Selangor irrespective of where the Sender may reside or where the Transaction may have taken place.
    1. The Sender acknowledges that they have read through and agreed with the Privacy Policy on the Site. For the avoidance of doubt, the Sender’s acceptance of this Terms and Conditions shall constitute acceptance towards the Privacy Policy. SUNWAY may change Privacy Policy at any time at its sole discretion without prior notice to the Sender, and the Sender is deemed to have accepted such change in the Privacy Policy.
    2. The Sender authorises SUNWAY to collect and/or verify information on him/her/it and the Recipient from whatever sources as may be required (including the Sender) and to release such information and documents as may be obtained to any third party for the purpose of or relating to SUNWAY performing the Service, without any further reference to the Sender.
    1. SUNWAY may release and disclose such information on or relating to the Sender, Recipient and/or Transaction(s) as is permitted under or by law to the relevant authorities and/or third parties, including without limitation to those authorised by the Sender in clause 12.2 above.
    1. These Terms and Conditions, together with all other matters incorporated into these Terms and Conditions by reference, embody the entire agreement and understanding between SUNWAY and the Sender and supersede and terminate all prior agreements or understandings the Sender may have with SUNWAY. In the event any one or more of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall for any reason be held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain valid and enforceable.
    1. In the event of any translation of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.
    1. The obligations and responsibilities of the Sender under these Terms that, by their nature, should survive the termination of these Terms shall so survive.